All publications in each category are in reversed chronological order.

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Book Chapters

  1. Guerini M., Nesta L., Ragot X., Schiavo S. (2020). Dynamique des défaillances d’entreprises en France et crise de la Covid-19 – in OFCE Eds. L’économie française 2021, Collection repères, Editions la Découverte, vol. 747.

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Code & Data Publications

  1. Guerini M., Harting P., Napoletano M. (2021). Data and Replication Package for: Governance Structure, Technical Change and Industry Competition – Bielefeld University.

Working Papers

  1. Guerini M., Vanni F., Napoletano M. (2022). E pluribus, quaedam. Gross domestic product out of a dashboard of indicators – LEM Working Paper, n.15/2022.

  2. Fontanelli L., Guerini M., Napoletano M. (2021) - International Trade and Technological Competition in Markets with Dynamic Increasing Returns – LEM Working Paper, n.27/2021.

  3. Ferraresi T., Ghezzi L., Vanni F., Caiani A., Guerini M., Lamperti F., Reissl S., Fagiolo G., Napoletano M., Roventini A. (2021) - On the economic and health impact of the COVID-19 shock on Italian regions: A value chain approach – LEM Working Paper, n.10/2021.
    R&R at Regional Studies

  4. Barbieri C., Guerini M., Napoletano M. (2021) - The Anatomy of Government Bond Yields Synchronization in the Eurozone – LEM Working Paper, n.07/2021.

  5. Guerini M., Luu D.T., Napoletano M. (2019). Synchronization patterns in the European Union – GREDEG Working Paper, n.30/2019.
    R&R at Applied Economics

  6. Antonin C., Guerini M., Napoletano M., Vona F. (2019). Italy: Escaping the high-debt and low-growth trap – OFCE - Sciences Po Working Paper, n.07/2019.

  7. Guerini M. (2013). Is the Friedman Rule Stabilizing? Some Unpleasant Results in a Heterogeneous Expectations Framework. Department of Economics and Finance Working Paper N. 03/2013, Unicatt (Milan).

Work in Progress

  1. Guerini M., Nesta L., Schiavo S. (2022, expected). Zombification of Firms During the Covid-19 Lockdown in France

  2. Guerini M., Napoletano M., Vanni F. (). Environmental Footprint

  3. Comincioli N., Guerini M., Vergalli S. (2022, expected). The Effects of Carbon Taxation on Electricity Price Volatility